Express onboarding guide

Here is a quick setup guide to help you start using Menutech. You’ll find here a few tips and instructions on how to achieve the best possible Menutech experience 💙

If you have any questions regarding implementation, don’t hesitate to contact our experts via our Chat or email [email protected].

Create an account

Here is where to create a 10 days free trial account.

Write your first menu

Click on New menu on the top left of your screen
You are on the " 1. Write screen":  Fill in the empty lines (sections, beverages, dishes)
Add details to your menu (title, subtitle, footnote, etc.) at the bottom of the screen.
Add details to your dishes, beverages and wines (prices, descriptions, etc.) by clicking on the list icon.

Preview your menu on the top right of your screen


Style your menu by clicking on "2. Style"


Translate your menu by clicking on "3. Translate"

Print or Share your menu online by clicking on " 4. Review"

Manage your settings

Adjust the settings of your Menutech Account and Profile.

What's next?

⬆️ Taking you menu planning to the next level

Would you like to manage recipes, create personalised menus for patients or add integrations?

Activate advanced modules to enrich your Menutech experience.

⬆️ Continuing the Menutech experience

Have you tried our software 10 days for free and are now ready to keep the Menutech experience going?

Here is how to activate your subscription in 3 easy steps.