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Getting started

Intro to Menutech

Get to know Menutech before choosing Menutech.

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Styling menus

Customise the look of your menus: change colours, fonts and much more!

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Using Menutech

From menu styling to translations, learn how Menutech works from top to bottom.

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Making menus during COVID-19

We’re here to help you reopen during the Covid-19 times.

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Managing your settings


Adjust the settings of your Menutech account.

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Manage billing, payments & plans on Menutech.

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Adjust your profile and preferences to make Menutech work just for you.

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Fine tune your modules' settings to improve your Menutech experience.

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Adding advanced modules

Product management

Centrally manage all products (dishes, wines, beverages) used across your menus.

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Integrations management

Integrate your daily and weekly menus with your website, intranet et social media.

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Recipe management

Manage recipes, nutritional values, price margins, preparation methods & ingredients.

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Manage individual dietary requirements and personalise your meal offering.

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Locations management

Automatically generate food menus based on personalised meal planning rules.

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Procurement management

Download food purchasing reports for your menus in just 1 click.

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Meal diversity analysis

Detect repetitions of dishes and category of dishes across your meal plan.

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Software updates