Style a menu

When you finished writing your menu, you can go to the 2. Style screen. There, you can customise your menu on the go:

  1. Select a template
  2. Manage menu options
  3. Manage menu information
  4. Change fonts and colours
  5. Customise paper settings
  6. Save template defaults

👍 Select a template

Flicker through menu templates at the bottom of the page: the menu content is automatically put into place, without having to re-write the menu from scratch! It's the fastest way to pick your favourite menu style.

❔ Manage menu options

Change your menu options from the Options tab:

Style variants Some of our templates have different variants (e.g. centered text vs. left aligned text.
Text margins Increase of decrease margins for your sections (the space above and below each section of your menu) and dishes, beverages and wines (the space in-between each of them).
Dishes, Beverages, Wines options

Hide or display:

  • Allergen icons
  • Additive icons
  • Labels
  • Origins
  • Numbering
  • Nutrition ratings
Courses and options' options Choose the style of separators.
Legend and declarations Hide or display a legend for your menu. The legend can be shown on the last page of your menu or on a separate page. 
Document options
  •  Hide or display your logo or a custom image.
  • Show the menu date
  • Show page numbers

ℹī¸ Manage menu information

Change your menu information in the Info tab:

  • Show title
  • Show subtitle
  • Show product images (in a square or original format)
  • Show prices or checkboxes, and choose the price format
  • Show wine recommendations
  • Show the text at the end of the menu
  • Show footnote

🎨 Change fonts and colours

Change your menu's fonts and colours in the Text & colours tab.

📄 Customise paper settings

Customise your menu's paper settings in the Paper tab:

  • Paper dimensions (A4, A5, custom dimensions)
  • Page margins
  • Add a background image (on the first page only or on all pages)
  • Change the height of your footer and header
  • Choose the paper folding style you need (half-fold, brochure, trifold, four panel)
  • Customise advanced printing settings (bleed and crop marks)

âĒ Save template defaults

You can save all your style settings for your template by clicking on Save as default. You can try new ideas around: if you want to go back to your original work, click on Restore from default.