Translate a menu

When you finished writing your menu, you can add translations from the 4. Review screen. Once you chose a translation language, you will be redirected to the 3. Translate screen. There, you can:

  1. Express translate your menu (this is a pro feature)
  2. Filter translations
  3. Mark content as not needing a translation
  4. Copy translation recommendations

🎩 Express translate your menu

Menutech's expression translation is the best machine translation in the world for food & beverage menus. Dishes that were auto-translated will be highlighted with a blue dot for you to check.

⬇️ Filter translations

Get a full overview of your translation work by selecting the See all filter option - or narrow down the view to those lines that need a translation (See all required) or just those that are waiting for your input (See missing only).

🙅🏻 Mark content as not needing a translation

Some food and beverage classifications (e.g. Prosecco, Camembert, ...) or famous brands do not need a translation. Mark them by clicking on the double arrow icon and turning on the toggle This does not need a translation.

👉 Copy translation recommendations

Click on the double arrow icon to see translation recommendations.

You can filter recommendations by clicking on some parts of the line that you want to translate (e.g. clicking the word "Roasted" in "Roasted vegetables with aioli sauce" to only see translation recommendations for that word).

Once you find a translation recommendation you'd like to work with, simply click on the copy icon to add it to your menu.