Formatting text with markdown

Unleash extra styling options for your food & beverage menus' text 🎨

πŸ”€ Text you CAN style with markdown


  • Description
  • Description at the end of the section
  • Wine recommendations

You CANNOT style prices and price variants with markdown.

Dishes, Beverages and Wines

  • Description
  • Wine recommendations

You CANNOT style prices, price variants, origins or wineries with markdown.

Menu details

  • Wine recommendation
  • End text
  • End text (secondary)
  • Footnote

You CANNOT style titles, subtitles, menu prices and price variants with markdown.

⌨️ Markdown syntax


Markdown Example
# Heading level 1 # White wines
## Heading level 2 ## France
### Heading level 3 ### Burgundy
#### Heading level 4 #### By the glass 

βœ… # White wines
🚫 #White wines


Markdown Example  
1. First item
2. Second item
3. Third item
4. Fourth item
1. Made our own pasta
2. Used local cheeses
3. Sprinkled dried fruits
4. Served with care to you 
- Item
- Another item
- Another-another item
  • Pasta
  • Cheeses
  • Dried fruits

🚫Don't mix up numbers (1., 3., 2., etc.) it will render it back to the right order automatically (1., 2., 3., etc.)
🚫 1), 2), 3), etc. 
βœ… 1., 2., 3., etc.


Markdown Example  
`monospace text`  Opening hours: `10 AM until midnight`  


Markdown Preview  
**bold** Cooked with **local** cheese.     
*italics* Cooked with *seasonal* ingredients.  
***bold and italics*** Cooked with ***local and seasonal*** ingredients.  

βœ… **This text is bold**
🚫 __This text won't be bold__


Markdown Preview  
> Indented text         Have you tried our homemade pasta?  


Markdown Preview  
<link> Check out our [facebook page]<>.  
<email> Send us a [message]<[email protected]>.  

Escaping Markdown with Markdown

If you want to actually use stars, you can espace markdown commands with a backslash symbol ( \ ) :

βœ… Welcome to our 2\*\* restaurant.
Welcome to our 2** restaurant.