Data import

Don't want to start your Menutech from scratch? Check out our data import options 📥:

A data import consists of the mass upload of already existing datasets (dishes, recipes, technical sheets, inventory information, locations...) to a Menutech account.

What can you import?

We can import any dataset you want to include in your Menutech account:

  • Menus (using one of our templates or using your own graphics).
  • Dishes (with prices, descriptions, allergens, translations).
  • Recipes (ingredients, quantities, allergens, preparation methods).
  • Special diets (diet names, restrictions and dish alternatives)
  • Other information (inventories, suppliers...).

How can you import data to my account?

We can import any of the following machine-readable formats: 

  • .csv
  • .xls and .xlsx
  • .tsv
  • .json
  • .yaml
  • .xml

How much do data imports cost?

Mass data import and format conversion are subject to a separate Service Offer.

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