Browser requirements for using Menutech

Curious about what the technical requirements are to run Menutech? We've put together some helpful information about our supported browsers, so read on to learn more.

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Supported Web browsers

Browser Requirement
Opera Version 66 or above
Release date: 7 January 2020
Chrome Version 8.0.426 or above
Release date: 4 February 2020
Firefox Version 78.0 or above
Release date: 30 June 2020
Safari Version 11 or above
Release date: 19 September 2017
Microsoft Edge Version 44.18362 or above
Release date: 21 May 2019

What is my browser version?

Not sure what version your browser is? No worries! Simply click here to find out.

Why should I update my browser?

💙  Enjoy new technologies
At Menutech, we are committed to delivering the best menu planning experience for our customers. To continuously introduce latest technologies and implement ideas our customers share with us, we need to keep the list of supported browsers short. 

🛡  Security, security, security
Companies stop fixing pesky bugs and issues for older browser issues. When you use outdated browsers, you are exposing yourself to security risks, such as the unintentional  download of spyware that can capture passwords, credit card numbers and screenshots to pass along to hackers.

⚡️ Less crashes and screen freezes
Up to date browsers load component files at a faster speed, meaning the look and functionality of the websites you visit will be improved.