Manage your Invoices

We are providing you with a set of tools to efficiently manage your invoices from Menutech:

📩 Set the email address used to send invoices

Add your accounting team's email address to keep them up to date with the latest monthly, yearly or service invoices. Invoices will directly be sent to the email address added to the Billing page inside your Settings. This can be a different email address than your Account address.

✅ Check the status of your invoices

You can see if an invoice was paid or overdue directly in the Billing page inside your Settings. 

🗳 Download invoices 

You can preview or download an invoice in the Billing page inside your Settings. 

❓Ask a question about an invoice

Open the invoice's dedicated page by clicking on the "Open in a new tab" button. There, you can chat directly with our accounting team by typing into the comment field.