Manage your Subscription

Need some help with your account's subscription? Here are useful tools to flexibly manage your Menutech subscription:

⏺ Start your Subscription

Have you tried our software 10 days for free and are now ready to keep the Menutech experience going? Here is how to activate your subscription in 3 easy steps:

Choose your preferred Subscription in the Billing page inside your Settings. Once you choose a Subscription, you can also select advanced modules too.
Choose the billing options and payment method of your choice. 
Enjoy your Menutech subscription! You have immediate access to our pro features, subscription menu and template credits, as well as email and phone support.

Learn more about Menutech prices here.

🔄 Change your Subscription

You can change your Subscription at any time by going to the Billing page inside your Settings. Simply click the "Change" button in your Menutech plan overview. 

You will need to change your subscription to:

  • Add or remove advanced modules
  • Change your payment method
  • Update your payment details (e.g. your credit card or bank details)
  • Get a new set of menu and template credits on your account

⏸ Pause or Cancel your Subscription

Whether you have a seasonal business or desire the flexibility to use Menutech on a monthly rolling basis, we offer you a quick solution to pause your subscription. Simply go to your Settings and click on Billing. There, you can put your account on pause. You will not be able to modify, print or share menus online when your subscription is paused. All information will be saved and ready for when you decide to reactivate your subscription.

▶️ Reactivate your Subscription

Would you like to resume your Menutech experience? Simply log into your Menutech account and go the Billing screen inside your Settings. There, you can choose a Subscription. Your payment details are saved from previous use, meaning you can quickly select the subscription and modules of your choice, and get started immediately.