Changing and Resetting your password

Need some help with your password? Here are useful tools to quickly and safely access your Menutech account:

🔏 Change password

Change your password in your Account settings. You will need to confirm your new password by first inputting your current password.

🔐 Reset password

Reset your password in your Account settings. You will need to click on a unique link sent to your account's email address to choose a new password. 

🛡 Minimum password requirements

We are committed to providing you with a safe and secure experience online. This is why we enforce minimum password requirements:

  • Must not be identical to your email, first name or last name.
  • Must be 8 characters or above
  • Must be a mix of letter and number characters
  • Must not be a common password ("abcdef123", "password123", ...). We will cross check your proposed password with a growing list of 20,000 common passwords.