Email notifications

Menutech email notifications keep you informed about things that need your attention. You can customise the email notifications you receive to your preferences in your Account settings. Use this guide to learn how email notifications work:

📧 Email essentials

Those are emails you receive when verifying your email, and account is deleted or a subscription is modified. You cannot unsubscribing from these email notifications.

📧 Welcome emails

Those are support and helpguides emails you receive when you create a new account. You will no longer receive emails from their newsletter after the expiry of your trial account. We recommend you keep subscribed to those emails as they provide you with tailored advice on how to make the best out of your free trial account.

📧 Newsletter

New features and updates from the Menutech headquarters. We recommend you keep subscribe to this newsletter to be the first to know about feature releases, as we continuously improve our software based on our users' feedback.