Menutech updates and changes

March 2021

 10 March — New version of the order-taking app was released today 🍴

  • Updated design of the menus screen: to better organise your daily menus and special menus, they are now listed separately on the screen with additional details to help you capture the right orders.
  • New check-in feature: you can now record check-in dates (or start dates) for your patients and staff, as such they can order only from that date. Also, when using the rooms feature, you can now better control the occupancy of your rooms using checkin and checkout dates.

3 March — New version of the order-taking app was released today 🍴

  • Introducing our Scan-to-Order feature with QR Codes: consumers can scan a QR Code on their phone and directly order off your menu without having to login.
  • Introducing special menus: aside from weekly meal plans, also special menus (e.g. Snack menu, Beverage list, etc.) are now available to order from

February 2021

8 February — New version of the order-taking app was released 🍴

  • New “modified at” column in manage orders is displayed if an order was edited after having been created
  • Feature to warn for orders created or changed last-minute if changes were made after a specified deadline
  • New optional birthday feature for patients that display an image on the birthday on order cards

January 2021

27 January — New version of the meal planning app and order-taking app was released 🚀

Meal planning app updates:

  • New features were introduced to make it faster and easier to reapply the rules from the master menu onto submenus: regenerate menu and regenerate all submenus
  • New menu languages are now available: Greek and Russian 🇬🇷🇷🇺
  • The ingredients screen search field now also searches ingredient categories
New version of the order-taking app was also released :
  • A new report to download all your consumers and users was added to the manage accesses screen
  • The application now supports customs translations for individual organisations, enabling us to further personalise the experience

6 January — New version of the meal planning app and order-taking app was released 🍴

Meal planning app updates:

  • New Automation rules screen to manage rulesets and rules in one place
  • New filter by menu on the dishes screen to quickly manage all the dishes that are used in a specific menu
New version of the order-taking app was also released:
  • New way to organise your user/consumer groups: by Type, which correspond to the rules created in the meal planning app
  • New feature: organise and filter your consumers by floor
  • A new column was added to the access management to see the last order taken for your consumers
  • All custom fields can now be directly set when creating a consumer or a user
  • Live diet menus: when assigning a user or consumer to a diet, they will see all the dish replacements for this diet automatically applied

December 2020

17 December — New version of the meal planning app was released (improvements to the recipes module) 🍴and new version of the order-taking app

New version of the meal planning app was released with improvements to the recipes module:

  • Capture the preparation and cooking time of your recipe
  • Preview the recipe sheets with a freely chosen number of servings, it automatically converts all quantities to match the number of servings you need
  • Specify recipe derivatives for your diets: mark your recipes as suited for a diet, add comments for the preparation to make it suitable or link the recipe to alternative recipes that are suitable.
New version of the order-taking app was released :
  • The ability to resend invitations to users was added

14 December — New version of the meal planning app was released with an extension to the diets module

  • Specify dietary restrictions by allergen or label declaration to automatically filter diet menus, optionally the affected items can be replaced by an empty line

11 December — New version of the meal planning app was released with the new diets module 

  • New diets management screen, with the ability to create new diets
  • Create diet submenu from any menu
  • Add alternative dishes for diets on the manage dishes screen
  • (view-only) recipe derivatives for each diet

7 December — New version of the meal planning app was released with three new mini-features 🚀

  • Nicer looking pagination on the “My menus” screen
  • Ability to pause and un-pause accounts on the “Accesses” tab in the settings for organisation account owners
  • A filter in the recipes screen to show only your recipes vs. all recipes you can access